Okay, I've been gone for awhile so I apologize if you've been following along and had nothing new to read the past few weeks. Just when I thought things couldn't get any busier, they sure did and all of a sudden it's April. So let's recap shall we?

A few weeks ago now we had showcase and it was nothing like I expected. My parents came into town while I was in rehearsal on Sunday and then we met with the rest of the parents for a really great pre-showcase dinner. That was such a special moment. It was the first time in awhile that our parents were with us. My school family and my home family mashed together for one night and it was a really great way to dive into the next day. Showcase was so great and so fast. I stayed with my parents in Midtown so i didn't have to worry about getting on the train early in the morning. The first showing wasn't my greatest, but the next two were so great. I felt confident, strong and connected to my pieces. It was so fun to have all the Otterbein Alumni there, too. The reception after the day was really fantastic. Made me realize just how incredible the group of alumni that I'm about to join is. I was a proud Cardinal that day.

My parents stayed in town for a couple of days after showcase, so we got to explore the city a bit. I started by taking them to the Chelsea Market for brunch. Luckily we had finished our meal before the entire building was evacuated due to a fire on the top floor of the Market. The smoke coming from the roof was black and heavy, so we just made our way back Midtown to do some shopping in Times Square. That night, we went to dinner and then went to see Come From Away! My parents loved it! Dad had never seen a Broadway production, so I'm glad that was his first. He kept saying he wanted to see it again and again. It made me happy that he really liked he, he doesn't normally have that kind of response to theatre.

The next day we went down to the 9/11 Memorial. That was a very sobering experience. We went into the museum and walked around the pools for a bit. In such a loud, busy city, we had found a quiet spot. Everyone was kind and you could still feel the weight of that day in the air. After that, we sat down for lunch and then went for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. My dad hates bridges, so that was funny to see him stay as close to the railing on the opposite side of the water. It was really neat to see the city from the bridge. A great view of the skyline on a really sunny day. The bridge was packed so we made it a quick trip and headed back to the hotel.

I saw my parents off and then went back to my apartment after not being there for a few days. I got back and instantly started cleaning. Nothing new there. I was lucky to get a couple of offers from showcase, so I had a meetings a couple of weeks ago now. Now I'm glad to be home to celebrate Easter and then get back to the grind. Until next time!