Well all of a sudden it's March! Time really does fly when you're having fun, when you're focused or when you're just in a city that NEVER stops. Things in the office are in over-drive. We have three huge projects, plus a ton of smaller things to work on as well. The associates had a meeting and decided to hire on another assistant for a couple of weeks because of the amount of work some of the bigger projects require. Luke and I have agreed to stay on until the end of the month and help out until the new interns come in in April. I've been in a ton of auditions and had the opportunity to see a lot of great work done by some seasoned actors. It's been a good time here at Carnahan Casting, it'll be strange to leave at the end of the month.

It's hard to focus on the work here sometimes, though. I've been homesick for awhile now, but I think that will be taken care of next week. I was offered an interview at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and will be flying home next Thursday and interviewing Friday. To say I'm excited about the interview is an understatement. I keep researching the IRT when I have down time in the office and it really looks like the position hits a lot of what I want to do in the Theatre Education field. The part of the position that excites me the most are the summer workshops the IRT offers. I would have a hand in theatre camps/workshops that would be similar to the ones that I have directed the past few summers. I would love the opportunity to learn new tools and ways of running those types of events for kids as well as working on many other projects that the position comes with. I'm looking forward to going home as well. I facetime with my parents pretty regularly and chat with my brother more often than before, but nothing beats being home with them in person. Dan better be back home before I leave, though. The dweeb is going to Florida for his spring break all next week. Lucky him....as it snows outside my window while I'm typing this. 

I saw Significant Other again last night with Tara. What a charming, funny, heartbreaking show. I've read it a couple times here in the office and saw it last week. The actors are incredibly truthful and everything runs together so seamlessly. The playwright did a wonderful job of keeping the language of the show very up to date and conversational. Nothing felt forced or odd, it is truly a great piece of theatre. 

The class was given an incredible opportunity to see the new musical Come From Away for free! An Otterbein Alum, Randy Adams, is a producer on the show and as a graduation gift gave us all two comps to what I can confidently say was the best work of theatre I have seen to this day. I was so moved by every element of the show, especially the way the content of the show as handled. Normally shows about the September 11th are heavy and bring such heavy themes, but this production showed us how humanity fought back against such a terrible act of hate. It was light, fun, and touching through the entire piece. I also loved seeing older actors on stage. When you think of a Broadway musical you think big numbers with tons of young, in shape 20-something actor's who are belting there heads off and kicking their faces. It was such a treat to see seasoned actors and actresses, who were clearly here during the attacks and using that to help further the story, creating such a wonderful piece of theatre. I can't thank Randy enough for the wonderful gift he gave us.

Things are going to be pretty quite at the apartment this weekend. Connor is going home the week to just chill and see his family. It's his girlfriends spring break as well, so she's heading home with him. Tara is going home to surprise her sister, too. So it'll just be me, Annie and Aubree. I have to attack the pile of laundry that is waiting for me in my room so that I have clean clothes for next week and to take home with me. No more waiting until the next school break, throwing my dirty laundry in the hamper and then in the car and driving home to have mom do it. If the weather holds out, I think I'm going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and go to the 9/11 memorial. Showcase keeps creeping closer and closer which means so does graduation. It's weird to think that in about 50 days, I won't be an Otterbein student anymore. Very weird.