I'm finally caught up on my blog posts, sorry if you're reading along and super confused as to when things happened. I kind of am, too! I'm going to try and stay on top of this more as we go along. I honestly can't believe that we're two months into Internship and the move to New York already. Things are moving a lot faster than I expected. 

This week has already been crazy. The weekend was gorgeous again, High 50's and low 60's with the sun shining and blue skies. I couldn't justify staying in the apartment in any way so I spent most of Saturday out and about. I took some time for myself and just jumped on the train and went. I found myself walking around Rockefeller Center for awhile. I was so close to getting a pair of ice skates and trying my hand at skating, but I decided not to make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of random people. Instead, I let my inner child out in the Lego Store. I know what you're thinking, you're almost 22 years old, but I have and always will love legos. My kids will love lego because I will force them to just so I can justify spending money on legos when I'm older. The store was huge and had a wall dedicated just pieces. You could fill up a cup full of random pieces, take them home and start building. They had a model of Rockefeller Center built out of legos on display and some other things as well. As freshman, Connor and I built legos in our dorm once just for the heck of it. 

After that, I thought I was going to head home and chill for a bit, but the day was just too nice to pass up. Annie and I decided to rent the Citi Bikes and go for a ride around Central Park. We might have been going the wrong way on a path once or twice and got yelled at by an angry old lady, but it was so worth it. If I end up staying in New York, I have to get a bike so I can go and ride in the park whenever I want. We decided to stop after while and went and sat by a pond for a bit. I will never pass up a good conversation with a friend and Annie always has the best advice when I need it. We both a have been feeling a little homesick and have had some struggles in the recent weeks, so it was nice to slow down, reflect on our time here so far, and send good vibes into the universe for the next few weeks of internship and life in general.

We decided to grab some food before heading home, so we went father down the island for dinner. We found a really great Mexican restaurant and chowed down on good food. My sweet tooth was acting up after dinner so we went to Big Gay Ice Cream across the street and it definitely hit the spot. We walked by the famous Stonewall Inn and with all the crap going on around our country, it was a good reminded of how far we have come and just how much farther we still have to go. I felt a since of pride, power, strength, sadness and hope while we stopped in front of the Inn. We'll have to go in next time we're around the area. Stay tuned for the rest of this weeks blog. I'm seeing two shows this week and it's Otterbein spring break, so I'm sure I'll have some fun stories to come.