Things are in full swing here at the office this week. People are in and out, papers are flying and coffee is definitely needed. Yesterday I had the fun challenge of grabbing 8 coffees, a dinner order, and running to a deli for a few random items all at once. Luckily for me it wasn’t the first time I’ve had to juggle a lot of stuff at once and managed to carry it all back to the office without dropping any of it. For a week that has been packed full of stuff to do, it has gone by kind of slow. I’m looking forward to the three day weekend for sure.

In an effort to keep my options open on whether to stay here in New York or to head home to Indiana, I’ve been keeping my eye out for job openings back home. I’m pretty lucky to have some wonderful people looking out for me in Hoosierville and one of my high school teachers (close friend, really) sent me a job opening at Indiana Repertory Theatre. The position would work with the Director of Education and coordinate school visits, summer youth programs and help maintain and create new relationships with schools around Indiana. Now I know I’ve been working hard on performing and I’m focusing on that during my time in the City, but I’m still not sure if this is where I want to stay. I don’t think it’ll hurt if I turn in my resume just to see if anything comes of it. Who knows? This could be a good start to a future in Theatre Education for me. I have a lot of people rooting for me in both corners: performance and education. I just don’t know which way to go at this point, which is good and bad. I just hope I don’t disappoint when I finally do pick a path.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m getting new headshots taken with Murphy Made Photography; an alumni from Otterbein works there and does a great job! I haven’t had headshots taken since sophomore year of college, so I figured it was a good time to get them taken. That’s the only thing on my agenda this weekend, though, so I’m thinking about exploring the city more. Maybe going to the Chelsea Market or the 9/11 memorial. I will for sure be sleeping in every day and probably just vegging out on Monday. Thank god we get the day off to celebrate our former Presidents…and I will only be celebrating numbers one through forty four.

It’s about to get crazy in the apartment over the next few weeks. Tara had her sister visit last weekend, one of Annie’s close friends will be here this weekend, Aubree’s parents are stopping by and Otterbein spring break starts next Friday. Our apartment isn’t small, we have five people living there already, but throw a few more folks into the mix and it’s about to be a tight fit. Luckily my den is tucked back away from everyone and it’s pretty quiet back there.