This week (2/6, cause ya know, super behind on these blog posts) started off HARDCORE. No, I didn’t do anything extreme, I saw a show, but the kids in School Of Rock sure as hell did! I found my jaw on the floor many times as these 11 years rocked and belted their faces off for two hours. Natalie and I couldn’t handle it! The fact that they were all on Broadway was a feat itself, but they all played their own instruments. These kids are wickedly talented and I hope they have long careers in this field.

We had a great opportunity on the 5th to perform our showcase for Otterbein Alumni and get some incredible advice from people that have been working in the business for a while now. For the first time in a long time I felt really on top of my pieces and work in the showcase. I came into the rehearsal and the performance calm and focused on the work. I noticed as the class and I warmed up, I wasn’t panicking over if I could hit the notes I needed to or if I had a strong enough connection to my pieces. I trusted my abilities and gave myself the time to drop into the work I was about to do. And I think it caught people’s attention. I felt a strong connection from the audience and instantly used it. Performing felt fresh and powerful. I haven’t felt that way about performing in a while. I think the one thing I took away from this past weekend was to stay in my own lane. Todd Crain had the best example for, even had visual aids. He told us to focus on ourselves; that my path is my path alone. I shouldn’t compare myself to those who are ahead of me, it will only cause me to lose track of where I’m at and fall behind. I felt so good about what I did in that showcase performance. I really look forward to doing it in March .

Things are busy here in the office. We’ve got a lot of auditions going on in the next couple of weeks. I had a really fun opportunity to be a reader for one of the projects that Roundabout is working on. I’m a lot more comfortable in the office nowadays. I know the ins and outs and have gotten to know the staff more as well. I also learned how to carry ten coffees at once, so I’m pretty proud of that!

Things are good back in the apartment as well. I have to force myself out of the house on the weekends sometimes, even just to run to the store.  My cozy den is too cozy sometimes. I’ve been cooking a lot more than I usually do, and I really like it. I’m gonna make such a good husband one day! Haha. Most of the time Aubree and I will find a movie to watch or just hang out after work. Everyone is normally exhausted, so it’s a chill apartment after work. I’m starting to miss home, which is rough as always, but I’m keeping myself distracted as much as I can.