This week FLEW by, which is okay with me because I was busy in the office pretty much every day. Things are in full swing here at Roundabout. We have three EPA’s for upcoming projects and lots of prep to do before they start. My eyes often hurt after the day is done because I’m busy on the computer all day. I hope that when the auditions start I get to sit in on a couple of them. I was hoping for a snow day Thursday, but alas, we were still open. It was the most snow we’ve had since getting here and it SUCKED. Sidewalks and streets were covered and the stairs to the subway were super slick. I watched someone slide down pretty much all the stairs. She was laughing at when she got to the bottom, so everything was okay.

After the busy weekend we had with showcase, I decided I wanted to do something a little less intense and time consuming this weekend. Dana and I went to the Museum of Natural History Saturday and spent the day with history! I was so fascinated by all of the exhibits they had. We probably spent four hours walking around the museum; just exploring all of the halls. One of our favorites had to be the dinosaur exhibit. It was truly amazing to see how massive some of these beasts once were. They towered over us in these huge rooms. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking some fun pictures of our day in the museum, even though we wanted to spend the night at the museum to see if things came alive. After our day in the museum, we crossed the street to Central Park and took a stroll by the lake. It was really a perfect day in the city. 

Homesickness has certainly kicked into high gear. Now that the excitement of moving to the city has worn off, I’m missing the slower pace of Westerville and Indianapolis every now and again. For how good of day we had, some stressful things went down Saturday night and it left me wishing I still had the advantage of hopping in my car and driving the three hour trip home like I used to. I try to keep myself distracted and always doing something so my mind doesn’t wander home, but I can’t always block it out. I talk with my parents often, facetime them so I can see my dog. My brother and I have had more conversations than normal; it’s really nice to hear from him. I look forward to seeing them in March when they come out here for showcase. I’ve had a couple of friends wanting to come and visit; hopefully that’ll be soon. My best friend and I have birthdays seven days apart, so he’s coming out to visit in April. I’m really looking forward to the week he’s here! I didn’t expect to miss Otterbein as much. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of my time on campus, but I was ready for something new at the end of las semester. Oddly enough, I find myself wanting to be back in the classrooms and in Cowan with everyone that is still there. I keep thinking back to freshman year and how quickly senior year came and is almost gone. Having Coach visit a couple few weeks ago and seeing Chris and Lori Kay last weekend was great and really comforting, too. I took for granted seeing my incredible professors every day and now I’m longing for those days back just to spend a little more time with them before I graduate.

I think one of the biggest things I’m struggling with is not working on my theatre camps right now. Over the past four summers I’ve had the privilege to be the director of a children’s theatre camp back in Indiana. The work for me would start right around this time with preproduction planning and hiring new staff. It’s strange to think about my summer without my kids, but it was time to make a big step forward for me. I know the camps are in good hands, I just miss the kids already. A couple of alumni have talked to me about some youth theatre companies out here that I’m going to look into. Maybe I’ll be able to get my foot in the door at one of them and start working there after my internship is over.

I feel like I’ve said this every week, but I’m so thankful that my class is out here. No, I don’t see a lot of them very often, but the times we do have together are even more special than usual. They’re a lot of my strength out here in this time of transition and they’re truly a blessing. They’re my family. I know we still have a little over a month until showcase, but I can’t wait to celebrate our four years together and the hard work we all did in that time. Feeling more and more proud to be a cardinal (even though we should be called the otters) every day.