Week 11?: Showcase and Everything In Between

Okay, I've been gone for awhile so I apologize if you've been following along and had nothing new to read the past few weeks. Just when I thought things couldn't get any busier, they sure did and all of a sudden it's April. So let's recap shall we?

A few weeks ago now we had showcase and it was nothing like I expected. My parents came into town while I was in rehearsal on Sunday and then we met with the rest of the parents for a really great pre-showcase dinner. That was such a special moment. It was the first time in awhile that our parents were with us. My school family and my home family mashed together for one night and it was a really great way to dive into the next day. Showcase was so great and so fast. I stayed with my parents in Midtown so i didn't have to worry about getting on the train early in the morning. The first showing wasn't my greatest, but the next two were so great. I felt confident, strong and connected to my pieces. It was so fun to have all the Otterbein Alumni there, too. The reception after the day was really fantastic. Made me realize just how incredible the group of alumni that I'm about to join is. I was a proud Cardinal that day.

My parents stayed in town for a couple of days after showcase, so we got to explore the city a bit. I started by taking them to the Chelsea Market for brunch. Luckily we had finished our meal before the entire building was evacuated due to a fire on the top floor of the Market. The smoke coming from the roof was black and heavy, so we just made our way back Midtown to do some shopping in Times Square. That night, we went to dinner and then went to see Come From Away! My parents loved it! Dad had never seen a Broadway production, so I'm glad that was his first. He kept saying he wanted to see it again and again. It made me happy that he really liked he, he doesn't normally have that kind of response to theatre.

The next day we went down to the 9/11 Memorial. That was a very sobering experience. We went into the museum and walked around the pools for a bit. In such a loud, busy city, we had found a quiet spot. Everyone was kind and you could still feel the weight of that day in the air. After that, we sat down for lunch and then went for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. My dad hates bridges, so that was funny to see him stay as close to the railing on the opposite side of the water. It was really neat to see the city from the bridge. A great view of the skyline on a really sunny day. The bridge was packed so we made it a quick trip and headed back to the hotel.

I saw my parents off and then went back to my apartment after not being there for a few days. I got back and instantly started cleaning. Nothing new there. I was lucky to get a couple of offers from showcase, so I had a meetings a couple of weeks ago now. Now I'm glad to be home to celebrate Easter and then get back to the grind. Until next time! 

Week 10: Back At It

After a much needed long weekend back home in Indiana, I am recharged and ready to take on the last couple weeks of internship and showcase! It had been almost 6 years since the last time I flew on a plane, so it was pretty fun to do it all by myself this time. I loved it! Up in the clouds with my headphones in and headed home gave me such a calm feeling. 

I spent almost all of last week in sessions and I had a great time. Even when the office was closed due to the snow, even though we got like half of the blizzard we were expecting, I came into the auditions and helped out. It was a great change of pace from sitting at my desk in the office. I realize now that as long as I have some time away from the office or my desk, I could work an administrative job in the theatre. I don't really mind doing paperwork or making phone calls. As long as I get to be in on the creative side of the art form every now and then, an office isn't so bad. Which makes me even more excited for the IRT job. 

The interview at Indiana Repertory Theatre went so so well. I had a great time chatting with the director of education and I feel like we got along pretty well. He had some great questions for me and I for him as well. Every time he would talk about the 40,000 kids that the IRT brings in to see matinees or the 80 kids per summer that come in for their workshops I got a huge smile on my face. I really hope I get the opportunity to interview again with the artistic director and managing director again next week! I really felt like it was a position I could take and make my own. It was also nice to learn that there is plenty of time to perform while doing the job as well. Most of the work is during the day, so I could do rehearsals and shows at night! Best of both worlds right there! I had the chance to meet up with my best friend and a couple of former high school teachers this weekend, as well. The teachers are more like close friends these days so it was fun to get a few drinks, catch up and eat diner food at 4:30 in the morning. 

I don't know if I'm just not registering that showcase is next week or if I'm just not nervous about it, but I'm really looking forward to performing with my class one last time. This is really it for us and it's going to be so bittersweet when it's all said and done. My parents fly out on Sunday and are staying in town for a few days. I'm excited to spend some more time with them here. When we moved all my stuff in, we had a few hours to visit some things in the city but that was about it. We have rehearsal Sunday and then some of the classes families are getting together for a pre-showcase dinner celebration. March flew by and it's not going to slow down. Before I know it, it will be April 30th and we'll be graduating....eeeeep! 

Week 9: Split Between Here and Home

Well all of a sudden it's March! Time really does fly when you're having fun, when you're focused or when you're just in a city that NEVER stops. Things in the office are in over-drive. We have three huge projects, plus a ton of smaller things to work on as well. The associates had a meeting and decided to hire on another assistant for a couple of weeks because of the amount of work some of the bigger projects require. Luke and I have agreed to stay on until the end of the month and help out until the new interns come in in April. I've been in a ton of auditions and had the opportunity to see a lot of great work done by some seasoned actors. It's been a good time here at Carnahan Casting, it'll be strange to leave at the end of the month.

It's hard to focus on the work here sometimes, though. I've been homesick for awhile now, but I think that will be taken care of next week. I was offered an interview at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and will be flying home next Thursday and interviewing Friday. To say I'm excited about the interview is an understatement. I keep researching the IRT when I have down time in the office and it really looks like the position hits a lot of what I want to do in the Theatre Education field. The part of the position that excites me the most are the summer workshops the IRT offers. I would have a hand in theatre camps/workshops that would be similar to the ones that I have directed the past few summers. I would love the opportunity to learn new tools and ways of running those types of events for kids as well as working on many other projects that the position comes with. I'm looking forward to going home as well. I facetime with my parents pretty regularly and chat with my brother more often than before, but nothing beats being home with them in person. Dan better be back home before I leave, though. The dweeb is going to Florida for his spring break all next week. Lucky him....as it snows outside my window while I'm typing this. 

I saw Significant Other again last night with Tara. What a charming, funny, heartbreaking show. I've read it a couple times here in the office and saw it last week. The actors are incredibly truthful and everything runs together so seamlessly. The playwright did a wonderful job of keeping the language of the show very up to date and conversational. Nothing felt forced or odd, it is truly a great piece of theatre. 

The class was given an incredible opportunity to see the new musical Come From Away for free! An Otterbein Alum, Randy Adams, is a producer on the show and as a graduation gift gave us all two comps to what I can confidently say was the best work of theatre I have seen to this day. I was so moved by every element of the show, especially the way the content of the show as handled. Normally shows about the September 11th are heavy and bring such heavy themes, but this production showed us how humanity fought back against such a terrible act of hate. It was light, fun, and touching through the entire piece. I also loved seeing older actors on stage. When you think of a Broadway musical you think big numbers with tons of young, in shape 20-something actor's who are belting there heads off and kicking their faces. It was such a treat to see seasoned actors and actresses, who were clearly here during the attacks and using that to help further the story, creating such a wonderful piece of theatre. I can't thank Randy enough for the wonderful gift he gave us.

Things are going to be pretty quite at the apartment this weekend. Connor is going home the week to just chill and see his family. It's his girlfriends spring break as well, so she's heading home with him. Tara is going home to surprise her sister, too. So it'll just be me, Annie and Aubree. I have to attack the pile of laundry that is waiting for me in my room so that I have clean clothes for next week and to take home with me. No more waiting until the next school break, throwing my dirty laundry in the hamper and then in the car and driving home to have mom do it. If the weather holds out, I think I'm going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and go to the 9/11 memorial. Showcase keeps creeping closer and closer which means so does graduation. It's weird to think that in about 50 days, I won't be an Otterbein student anymore. Very weird.


Week 8.1: Gay and Proud! (Weekend of Feb. 26th)

I'm finally caught up on my blog posts, sorry if you're reading along and super confused as to when things happened. I kind of am, too! I'm going to try and stay on top of this more as we go along. I honestly can't believe that we're two months into Internship and the move to New York already. Things are moving a lot faster than I expected. 

This week has already been crazy. The weekend was gorgeous again, High 50's and low 60's with the sun shining and blue skies. I couldn't justify staying in the apartment in any way so I spent most of Saturday out and about. I took some time for myself and just jumped on the train and went. I found myself walking around Rockefeller Center for awhile. I was so close to getting a pair of ice skates and trying my hand at skating, but I decided not to make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of random people. Instead, I let my inner child out in the Lego Store. I know what you're thinking, you're almost 22 years old, but I have and always will love legos. My kids will love lego because I will force them to just so I can justify spending money on legos when I'm older. The store was huge and had a wall dedicated just pieces. You could fill up a cup full of random pieces, take them home and start building. They had a model of Rockefeller Center built out of legos on display and some other things as well. As freshman, Connor and I built legos in our dorm once just for the heck of it. 

After that, I thought I was going to head home and chill for a bit, but the day was just too nice to pass up. Annie and I decided to rent the Citi Bikes and go for a ride around Central Park. We might have been going the wrong way on a path once or twice and got yelled at by an angry old lady, but it was so worth it. If I end up staying in New York, I have to get a bike so I can go and ride in the park whenever I want. We decided to stop after while and went and sat by a pond for a bit. I will never pass up a good conversation with a friend and Annie always has the best advice when I need it. We both a have been feeling a little homesick and have had some struggles in the recent weeks, so it was nice to slow down, reflect on our time here so far, and send good vibes into the universe for the next few weeks of internship and life in general.

We decided to grab some food before heading home, so we went father down the island for dinner. We found a really great Mexican restaurant and chowed down on good food. My sweet tooth was acting up after dinner so we went to Big Gay Ice Cream across the street and it definitely hit the spot. We walked by the famous Stonewall Inn and with all the crap going on around our country, it was a good reminded of how far we have come and just how much farther we still have to go. I felt a since of pride, power, strength, sadness and hope while we stopped in front of the Inn. We'll have to go in next time we're around the area. Stay tuned for the rest of this weeks blog. I'm seeing two shows this week and it's Otterbein spring break, so I'm sure I'll have some fun stories to come.

Week 7: I Will Be Better. (Week of Feb. 20th)

I had a really great weekend getting new headshots taken. Evan Zimmerman, an Otterbein Alum, did an incredible job making my ugly mug look Broadway ready! I've gotten the proofs back and have made a couple selections for editing and once I get them back, I'll post some of them here. It had been three years since my last headshot session so it was definitely time to get new ones done. I'm really glad I went with Evan and MurphyMade. 

I spent most of the weekend outside as it was in the mid 60's and absolutely gorgeous. Saturday morning, Lauren and I made brunch before heading out to Central Park for a nice walk and really great conversation. Maddy FaceTimed us from Chicago and it was so good seeing her. She's doing really well and I'm so proud of everything she's doing! Lauren needed to run to Trader Joe's for a few things and that quickly died because the line for the checkout was wrapped all the way around the first floor. Needless to say we learned not to go to the big name groceries on the weekends. 

The office is crazy busy this week. Like I said the other day, we have so many EPA's this week, it wasn't uncommon that there were only two or three of us in the office while everyone else was off at sessions. I've been in a couple auditions this week and last. Two of them were calls for kids and really filled my soul when I watched them crush their auditions. I lost focus on the camera a couple of times because I was overjoyed to see them shine...luckily the camera was on a tripod and focused in on the kids. Those auditions reminded me just how important working with kids is to me. No matter where I end up, I know I'm supposed to teach and interact with children. The office had comp tickets for us this week to see Ring Twice For Miranda. It was an Off-Broadway play being produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club. Wasn't my favorite, to be honest, but it was a night of free theatre, so I'm not complaining. 

Of course when you're on a good streak and feeling great about things, a downer must be around the corner. For my own good, I cut ties with a very close friend back home in Indiana. To say I'm upset is an understatement, but I hope to take some time and just focus on me. And I hope he does the same as well. I'm a people pleaser and I never want to give up on friendships. I try hard to keep in contact with my friends and family but when the relationship apparently does more harm than good, it's time to let it go. I do believe that if he is meant to be part of my life again, then he will come back at some point. I'm angry, sad, hurt, confused and kind of relieved all at the same time. "I will be better for this" is the sentence that keeps playing in my head. I don't know if I believe that I will be better just yet, but time can help heal and bring about great change. I also ask for prayers and good vibes for the Buergler family. My great Uncle Joe Buergler lost his battle to cancer yesterday morning. He was 91 years old, lived a full life filled with family and friends. My grandfather passed almost two years ago now at 91. It was scary how much Uncle Joe and Pa's looked alike. May he rest in peace in Heaven with Pa's. 

My beautiful cousin Chessie and had a much needed and long awaited conversation last night about all kinds of things. We had played phone tag for the past couple of days and hadn't really talked too much since the beginning of the month. She's doing so so well as the music director at our church back home. We updated each other on our lives and what our next plans were. We got to talking about how much we love singing together. Chessie is an incredible pianist and we've done many weddings and masses together of the past few years. She's writing music all the time and working on getting some of her songs produced in the near future. I couldn't be more proud of her and the work she is doing to empower young girls through her own testament and through the word of God. I'm not the biggest catholic these days, to be honest. Being gay and being a practicing catholic kind of became a conflict of interest during my coming out process, but I always see God working through Chessie and believe wholeheartedly that she is going to make such a difference in the world with her music. She has in mine already. I couldn't help but post the picture of Chessie and I when we were around 5th and 6th grade. That was our family Christmas party and back then we hated having to perform in front of everyone. Nowadays I would do anything to sit by the piano and just sing with her for hours. 


Week 6: Stacking the Deck (Week of Feb. 13th)

Things are in full swing here at the office this week. People are in and out, papers are flying and coffee is definitely needed. Yesterday I had the fun challenge of grabbing 8 coffees, a dinner order, and running to a deli for a few random items all at once. Luckily for me it wasn’t the first time I’ve had to juggle a lot of stuff at once and managed to carry it all back to the office without dropping any of it. For a week that has been packed full of stuff to do, it has gone by kind of slow. I’m looking forward to the three day weekend for sure.

In an effort to keep my options open on whether to stay here in New York or to head home to Indiana, I’ve been keeping my eye out for job openings back home. I’m pretty lucky to have some wonderful people looking out for me in Hoosierville and one of my high school teachers (close friend, really) sent me a job opening at Indiana Repertory Theatre. The position would work with the Director of Education and coordinate school visits, summer youth programs and help maintain and create new relationships with schools around Indiana. Now I know I’ve been working hard on performing and I’m focusing on that during my time in the City, but I’m still not sure if this is where I want to stay. I don’t think it’ll hurt if I turn in my resume just to see if anything comes of it. Who knows? This could be a good start to a future in Theatre Education for me. I have a lot of people rooting for me in both corners: performance and education. I just don’t know which way to go at this point, which is good and bad. I just hope I don’t disappoint when I finally do pick a path.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m getting new headshots taken with Murphy Made Photography; an alumni from Otterbein works there and does a great job! I haven’t had headshots taken since sophomore year of college, so I figured it was a good time to get them taken. That’s the only thing on my agenda this weekend, though, so I’m thinking about exploring the city more. Maybe going to the Chelsea Market or the 9/11 memorial. I will for sure be sleeping in every day and probably just vegging out on Monday. Thank god we get the day off to celebrate our former Presidents…and I will only be celebrating numbers one through forty four.

It’s about to get crazy in the apartment over the next few weeks. Tara had her sister visit last weekend, one of Annie’s close friends will be here this weekend, Aubree’s parents are stopping by and Otterbein spring break starts next Friday. Our apartment isn’t small, we have five people living there already, but throw a few more folks into the mix and it’s about to be a tight fit. Luckily my den is tucked back away from everyone and it’s pretty quiet back there. 

Week 5: Dinosaurs, Dinner, and Dana Oh My!

This week FLEW by, which is okay with me because I was busy in the office pretty much every day. Things are in full swing here at Roundabout. We have three EPA’s for upcoming projects and lots of prep to do before they start. My eyes often hurt after the day is done because I’m busy on the computer all day. I hope that when the auditions start I get to sit in on a couple of them. I was hoping for a snow day Thursday, but alas, we were still open. It was the most snow we’ve had since getting here and it SUCKED. Sidewalks and streets were covered and the stairs to the subway were super slick. I watched someone slide down pretty much all the stairs. She was laughing at when she got to the bottom, so everything was okay.

After the busy weekend we had with showcase, I decided I wanted to do something a little less intense and time consuming this weekend. Dana and I went to the Museum of Natural History Saturday and spent the day with history! I was so fascinated by all of the exhibits they had. We probably spent four hours walking around the museum; just exploring all of the halls. One of our favorites had to be the dinosaur exhibit. It was truly amazing to see how massive some of these beasts once were. They towered over us in these huge rooms. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking some fun pictures of our day in the museum, even though we wanted to spend the night at the museum to see if things came alive. After our day in the museum, we crossed the street to Central Park and took a stroll by the lake. It was really a perfect day in the city. 

Homesickness has certainly kicked into high gear. Now that the excitement of moving to the city has worn off, I’m missing the slower pace of Westerville and Indianapolis every now and again. For how good of day we had, some stressful things went down Saturday night and it left me wishing I still had the advantage of hopping in my car and driving the three hour trip home like I used to. I try to keep myself distracted and always doing something so my mind doesn’t wander home, but I can’t always block it out. I talk with my parents often, facetime them so I can see my dog. My brother and I have had more conversations than normal; it’s really nice to hear from him. I look forward to seeing them in March when they come out here for showcase. I’ve had a couple of friends wanting to come and visit; hopefully that’ll be soon. My best friend and I have birthdays seven days apart, so he’s coming out to visit in April. I’m really looking forward to the week he’s here! I didn’t expect to miss Otterbein as much. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of my time on campus, but I was ready for something new at the end of las semester. Oddly enough, I find myself wanting to be back in the classrooms and in Cowan with everyone that is still there. I keep thinking back to freshman year and how quickly senior year came and is almost gone. Having Coach visit a couple few weeks ago and seeing Chris and Lori Kay last weekend was great and really comforting, too. I took for granted seeing my incredible professors every day and now I’m longing for those days back just to spend a little more time with them before I graduate.

I think one of the biggest things I’m struggling with is not working on my theatre camps right now. Over the past four summers I’ve had the privilege to be the director of a children’s theatre camp back in Indiana. The work for me would start right around this time with preproduction planning and hiring new staff. It’s strange to think about my summer without my kids, but it was time to make a big step forward for me. I know the camps are in good hands, I just miss the kids already. A couple of alumni have talked to me about some youth theatre companies out here that I’m going to look into. Maybe I’ll be able to get my foot in the door at one of them and start working there after my internship is over.

I feel like I’ve said this every week, but I’m so thankful that my class is out here. No, I don’t see a lot of them very often, but the times we do have together are even more special than usual. They’re a lot of my strength out here in this time of transition and they’re truly a blessing. They’re my family. I know we still have a little over a month until showcase, but I can’t wait to celebrate our four years together and the hard work we all did in that time. Feeling more and more proud to be a cardinal (even though we should be called the otters) every day.

Week 4: When Kids Are On Broadway Before Me…….

This week (2/6, cause ya know, super behind on these blog posts) started off HARDCORE. No, I didn’t do anything extreme, I saw a show, but the kids in School Of Rock sure as hell did! I found my jaw on the floor many times as these 11 years rocked and belted their faces off for two hours. Natalie and I couldn’t handle it! The fact that they were all on Broadway was a feat itself, but they all played their own instruments. These kids are wickedly talented and I hope they have long careers in this field.

We had a great opportunity on the 5th to perform our showcase for Otterbein Alumni and get some incredible advice from people that have been working in the business for a while now. For the first time in a long time I felt really on top of my pieces and work in the showcase. I came into the rehearsal and the performance calm and focused on the work. I noticed as the class and I warmed up, I wasn’t panicking over if I could hit the notes I needed to or if I had a strong enough connection to my pieces. I trusted my abilities and gave myself the time to drop into the work I was about to do. And I think it caught people’s attention. I felt a strong connection from the audience and instantly used it. Performing felt fresh and powerful. I haven’t felt that way about performing in a while. I think the one thing I took away from this past weekend was to stay in my own lane. Todd Crain had the best example for, even had visual aids. He told us to focus on ourselves; that my path is my path alone. I shouldn’t compare myself to those who are ahead of me, it will only cause me to lose track of where I’m at and fall behind. I felt so good about what I did in that showcase performance. I really look forward to doing it in March .

Things are busy here in the office. We’ve got a lot of auditions going on in the next couple of weeks. I had a really fun opportunity to be a reader for one of the projects that Roundabout is working on. I’m a lot more comfortable in the office nowadays. I know the ins and outs and have gotten to know the staff more as well. I also learned how to carry ten coffees at once, so I’m pretty proud of that!

Things are good back in the apartment as well. I have to force myself out of the house on the weekends sometimes, even just to run to the store.  My cozy den is too cozy sometimes. I’ve been cooking a lot more than I usually do, and I really like it. I’m gonna make such a good husband one day! Haha. Most of the time Aubree and I will find a movie to watch or just hang out after work. Everyone is normally exhausted, so it’s a chill apartment after work. I’m starting to miss home, which is rough as always, but I’m keeping myself distracted as much as I can.

Week 2ish, maybe 3: Good people, Good Food, Great Comet.


It’s been a little longer than a week, so sorry for the delay, but I’ve been pretty busy the past few days. I’m feeling pretty settled in now as a New Yorker, haven’t gotten on the wrong train in a while in fact. I really love where I live and my tiny little room, too. Who knew 60 square feet could be so cozy?? I think my roommates are pretty happy having me there too, seeing as I cook them dinner often…though they weren’t so excited about the uncooked meatballs one night, but you win some and you lose some. We’re having some people over for an apartment warming party/Annie’s birthday party tomorrow night and I can’t wait to host in our new place.

Things are going well at the office. Some days are slower than others, but I’ve been doing a lot of audition prep work for Roundabout’s upcoming season and getting to know some of the staff more. I might apply for another internship here that takes place over the summer in Roundabout’s Education department. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Otterbein was kind enough to set a meeting with an Alumnus from Actors Equity, the union that theatre actors are associated with, to give us some information on how to become an Equity member and a few other pointers. I felt like I was super behind on getting an IRA set up and wanting a job with pension after I left the meeting, but we sure learned a lot about making sure we’re set to retire someday. What I took away most from the meeting, though, was that no person has the same path in this business. People are working in theatres all across the country as Equity members and Non-Equity members. They could be working towards getting their card or have turned it down so they can get a few more credits on their resume before they take it. I don’t have to have a plan set up or a specific date when I want to become part of Equity. I just have to focus on myself and follow the path that makes me the happiest.  

This past Sunday was one of the best days I’ve had here. No, I didn’t go to church…sorry mom, but I did see a show and HOLY CRAP, it was incredible. I had the opportunity to see Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 with Luke, Lauren, and Lauren’s Dad and it was some of the best theatre I’ve seen in a while. Having listened to the show a few times, I was familiar with the music and was looking forward to hearing the original cast live. They did not disappoint in the slightest. Everything in this show blew me away. The costuming gave off a punk rock vibe, but also a 1812 Russian feel at the same time. The lighting of the show must have taken hours to tech and cue, but damn was it cool. So many moments created with subtle lighting as well as bright and vivid strobes and color. The music and sound the ensemble created was beyond cool. So many different genres and styles of music in one show, it was wild! I knew the album already, but it was like I was hearing it for the first time all over again. I loved feeling so immersed into the show. They build the stage so that there seating on different levels and folks could be in the middle of the action. The orchestra was set up all over the house and many of the actors played instruments. Some of the most innovative theatre I’ve seen. What I was most excited about, though, was seeing one of my many idols Josh Groban make his Broadway debut as Pierre. Did I cry when the doors opened and he stepped out onto the stage? Yes, I did! Am I ashamed of that? No, I am not! He sounded just like he does on all of his albums and I died, in the best of ways, every time he sang. I have to thank Luke and Lauren for waiting in the rush line early that morning and I especially have to thank Mr. Kent for his generosity. 



I’m just a little over a week into the move from Indianapolis to New York city and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to slow down and collect my thoughts. The past week has been non-stop change and it’s probably good that I haven’t had a chance to let it all catch up because I think it would cause a crazy panic attack. All joking aside, New York is such a different place than Indianapolis or the quiet peaceful village of Westerville...but I really love the new pace and new place. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

My parents and I drove the 800 mile hike from Indy to NYC over the course of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  It had been awhile since we were all packed into the car together, so I took advantage of the time with my parents before we said goodbye on Monday night. We got my tiny, yet really cozy; room put together and decided to check out Times Square. It was cold, it was wet, and there were so many people around, but I wouldn’t trade that day for anything. Note to self, the Minnie Mouse in Times Square isn’t as nice as the one in Disney World. Mom learned that one pretty quick as she was being haggled for a picture by the lady in the knock off costume. Dad and I thought it was pretty funny, to be honest. We had a good meal together and then hopped on the wrong train out to the Bronx instead of Washington heights. I’m glad I was with them, though, or I would have been a cry, lost mess. Saying I don’t miss my friends and family back home would be a lie, but I’m loving this city more and more every day.

My internship at Roundabout Theatre Company started a week ago and so far, it’s been a really great experience. Having Luke in the office is comforting, I hate being the new person in already established group of people. We’ve done a lot of audition material prep and learned our way around the office pretty quickly. I look forward to getting into the audition room soon to see what it’s like. Everyone here has a lot of projects going on, so I’m sure it won’t be long until Luke or I are pulled into the room to run music or the camera.

So far, this has been an awesome experience. I’m excited to go and explore this new city. It’s early, so I can’t say if this is a place I really want to stay in, but for now, I feel right at home. I’ve got great roommates, great friends and family, and incredible support behind me. The journey is just beginning and I look forward to what’s coming next.